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Traditional Signwriting

Traditional Pub and shop Signwriting

The art of signwriting dates from over 2000 years. Although not in the form we see today as many people were illiterate and so signpainters as they were known would paint pictorial images depicting the trade or profession carried out at a premises.

Signexcel retain traditonal signwriters with that same sense of artistry combined with the formality of structured fonts and designs.

Whether producing signwritten panels in our workshop or signwriting directly onto your building our signwriters offer that intrinsic hand crafted feeling where you can actually see the brushstrokes, difficult to obtain by digital means.

Gold leaf, gilding, glass signage, chalkboards and murals are all produced by our signwriters.

We are able to work to a pre determined design using templates for accuracy or can attend site with our paints and brushes and make it up as we go along. 

"Please thank Michael for a great job he did everthing we asked and more!! thanks again "      

                                      John S 

"Your signwriter turned all of our scribbles into wonderful  signwritten script - all done with an audience of our locals a brilliant performance"      

                                      Sandy P

  • I dont have a design can you put something together?
    Yes of course ! From the initial brief our designers can create designs and show you how the sign will look on your building.
  • I think the fascia backboard is in poor condition can you replace it ?
    Yes! Sometimes the old backing board to the sign can have problems where water has soaked into it and it rots away, we can offer a total rebuild of the fascia timber work and framing if required and ensure that it is water proofed so that it remains good for many years.
  • The pictures on your website are nice but I'm on a limited budget can you help?
    Yes! We work with all budgets and are able to tailor the specification of the sign to reduce cost. However we will never compromise on quality and will still ensure that your sign is well designed, durable and effective.
  • I have an old signbox can you do anything with it?
    Yes! We are able to provide new LED lighting and new facing acrylic if required. We are also able to provide a complete wrap over sign which covers the old signbox to upgrade the sign to a modern frameless look.
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